10 Amazing Facts About Women

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Women are beautiful, incredible, and powerful people and can achieve anything they set their minds to. Having to deal with oppression and inequality for centuries, there have been a ton of things women have had to fight for such as:

  • Voting rights,
  • Equal pay,
  • Health requirements.

Women are strong and determined and pretty amazing! However, there may be some facts about being a female that you didn’t know about before.

Here are 10 interesting facts that are a part of what makes women so awesome.

Unite: Anna Eleanor Roosevelt was an American politician and was the longest serving First Lady of the United States. During this time, women were not seen fit to contribute to newspapers as actual journalists and were only allowed to submit columns on domestic topics. That was until Eleanor Roosevelt decided to do something about it.

The First Lady refused to be interviewed by male reporters or journalists which forced newspapers to hire females.

Dreams: According to research, women tend to have more nightmares and emotional based dreams than men.

Scientists have yet to come up with a reason as to why this is, but it could be linked to female hormones or the fact that a woman’s body changes temperature as it goes through its monthly cycle.

Old Age: On average, women tend to live longer lives than men. Women are estimated to live to be 79.8 years old.

Men on the other hand have a life expectancy of about five years less than this. According to the Imperial College School of Medicine, women have a stronger immune system which keeps them healthier for longer. They also claim that women can produce a higher white blood cell count than men even if they are the same age.

Heartbeat: Because the female heart is smaller than a male’s, it has to beat faster in order to make up for its size. A woman’s heart usually weighs around 8 oz compared to a man’s which typically weighs 10.

The woman’s heart beats about 8 more times per minute than that of a man’s. I wonder whose heart would beat faster during a scary movie or when nervous?

Catwalk: Although the stereotype is that women are obsessed with shoes and love walking in high heels, the height altering shoes were actually designed for men at first.

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