I’m a 19yr old student and I’ve had a constant dull pain above my left eye and behind for over 3 weeks now. The pain was fairly deep (pressure type) behind and on my eye brow – felt like sinus headache and often once a day got very painful to the point were I couldn’t function properly.

Originally the doctor said it was cluster headaches, however I was then told that it could possibly be my sinuses and was referred to an ENT specialist. I’ve had ringing in both ears for about 1 year and a popping/fullness in my left ear for about the same period of time. Never suffered from migraines although I have had my fair amount of headaches growing up due to stress, being tired etc.

ENT said my problem was not sinuses, she used a camera up my nose to check. Also had hearing test which came back normal although she did say my left ear showed slight congestion or something which makes sense as this is were the popping is. She said the pain is neuropathic and is being caused by inflammation therefore she prescribed me ‘Flixonase Nasule drops’ to take twice a day for 6 weeks however she said this would take at least 2 weeks to work.

I was originally taking a combination of Sudafed, Aspirin and Ibuprofen – Sometimes all togetheror sometimes just a combination of two which worked for about 5 days, with the occasional dose of Codine if needed. This stopped working and the doctor prescribed me ‘Diclofenac’ 50mg tablets and take 3 a day. This has almost completely taken my pain away with just some niggling pain – sensations sometimes, however this reminds me the problem is still there just being numbed by the inflammatory.

Today I’ve been to the dentist to ensure there was no problems in my mouth. They said I’ve got wisdom teeth appearing on my left side however everything looks fine and just need to keep my eye on it and she doubts that is the cause of my headaches. Although she did say there is signs I may grind my teeth at night (no major problems) however I could get a mouth piece to wear at night, she said this could be causing headaches but it might be worth leaving it a few months. I’ve also had a clicking jaw which I’ve noticed more recently and whenever I eat now I can hear it popping.

I’m completely confused as to whats actually wrong with me! Nobody is giving me a proper answer although something is clearly inflamed as diclofenac is working! If there is anybody who has had similar or knows about these things any reassurance would be great as this is bringing me down.

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