How it Works: Fecal Transplants

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 Yes, you did read that correctly! Fecal transplants are essentially when donor feces are mixed with a solution, and placed into another person’s colon! كيفية شراء وبيع الاسهم عن طريق الانترنت سوق دبي المالي Fecal Transplants are used to treat Clostridium difficile, and emerging epidemic in hospitals and care facilities.  Bacteria moves into areas of the gut decimated by the very antibiotics intended to oust infections. Once this happens, c. difficile puts out toxins that damage the intestinal lining, and can even cause colon inflammation.

تداول اسهم عالميه “After months on antibiotics, it is amazing to see how quickly a fecal transplant can help people,” Dr. Bret Lashner, a gastroenterologist at the Cleveland Clinic

سعودي تداول The infection is extremely hard to treat, and if the therapies fail, patients are willing to try anything. Only a few facilities are willing to do the transplant because it isn’t standardized in the United States yet. اسعار الاسهم للسوق السعودي The Mayo Clinic is not afraid; they screen donors for months through blood and stool tests. The Fecal Transplant is done by taking a small fecal sample of a willing healthy stranger or relative, liquefying it with saline solution, water, milk, or yogurt, straining and delivering the solution to the patient with a colonoscopy.

forex bank växjö öppettider This radical treatment cures around 90% of C.difficle cases. Antibiotics can be pretty much useless and ineffective, and even damaging.  Fecal transplants, even though it sounds strange, can cure dangerous bacterial infections. There are still many kinks to work out in the system, and a pill is in the works as well. ياللا فوركس Oh and of course, not to forget. Here’s how you can make $10,000+ for donating your poop:Make A Living Selling Your Feces

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