Nardya Miller shares important message in her last days alive

تدوال اسهم الراجحي

تداول الذهب في السعودية اليوم الخيارات الثنائية إشارات مراجعة التداول A DYING Brisbane woman is using her final days to promote the importance of organ donation.

طريقة بيع الاسهم عن طريق البنك الاهلي Last Wednesday, 25-year-old Nardya Miller was given a week to live. On Sunday she was submitted to palliative care.

الخيارات الثنائية على الصعيد الدولي The beauty salon owner has Cystic Fibrosis (CF) and her body is rejecting a double lung transplant she had over two years ago, the Sunshine Coast Daily reports.

تداول الاسهم العالميه forex Ms Miller’s fiance Liam Fitzgerald said it isn’t CF that is killing her, it is the chronic rejection she was diagnosed with three months ago.

ثنائي الخيار الروبوت البرمجيات تجارة السيارات “CF was a part of her life for 23 years and got her to needing a bilateral lung transplant but after the first 11 months post surgery, being so perfect, the lungs started to fail, over and over again requiring treatments she never thought she would have to go though.

Nardya Miller started her own beauty business despite her ‘never-ending battle’ with medical problems. Picture: Supplied

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