Natural Teeth Whitening With Just 1 Ingredient (3 Minute Recipe)

Image result for Natural Teeth Whitening With Just 1 Ingredient (3 Minute Recipe)So many different dental hygiene products we can found on market, but what effect they have on the quality no one really knows. Some medical experts have said that there are many people complain about problems with their teeth, after longer time using some products.

Brittle or translucent teeth, gum irritation caused by teeth whiteners contained in products. Because of this it is safer to use natural based products, which are more effective than commercial products. Now we are going to present you, how to make homemade paste, with only one natural ingredient.



This toothpaste is the best because it has effect at the same time, as a teeth whitener and remedy and also your teeth and gum will be healthier. Apple cider vinegar, highly valued because of its medicinal properties is used for many different health conditions, including teeth. Made from fermented apples, ACV – apple cider vinegar, rich in pectin and essential minerals is excellent for teeth whitening.



Apple cider vinegar beneficial for teeth whitening!



Apple cider vinegar as powerful cleaning agent, well maintaining acidic pH value is highly beneficial and very useful in whitening your teeth and also good in treating gum infection, caused by mouth bacteria.


How to whitening teeth using apple cider vinegar?


Should not be used pure ACV. What do you need to do is to dilute apple cider vinegar: put ½ tsp. of apple cider vinegar in a cup of water. Store this diluted apple cider vinegar in a glass bottle and use it as a mouthwash, when you wake up in the morning; after that brush your teeth, normally.

Remember: if you want white teeth, then you need to do this on regular basis,.

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