These 18 Brands Of Lipstick Are Full Of Cancer-Causing Heavy Metals

Companies that produce makeup and other personal care products

rank in billions of dollars each year from consumers. They bust out new products all the time, and the United States government doesn’t require any mandatory testing for these products before they hit shelves. Even if you’re careful to avoid toxins in your food, drinks and household cleaning products, they may be lurking somewhere you didn’t expect – in your makeup.

You might regularly check food labels, but have you ever thought to check your makeup labels? What about your other personal care products? Lipstick, deodorant, shampoo and other personal care products are usually not required to undergo testing. Many don’t even contain a full list of ingredients.

If you apply lipstick a few times a day, each day, you could be ingesting high amounts of lead over the course of your lifetime. Chemicals aren’t just ingested. They can also be absorbed through your skin, which makes your makeup a major culprit.

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Heavy Metals In Your Makeup

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