This is the Fruit That You Should be Adding to Any Part of Your Daily Diet

In fact even in its dried out state, this fruit can deliver a whole package of additional nutrition to any part of the daily diet that will benefit the bones. In fact, the notion and publicity to mark this “snack fruit” a healthy nutritional addition is making a lot of people snicker or guffaw for a few seconds. In reality however, prunes are really good for your bones and for a healthier digestive system. They’re packed with nutrients and properties that will also regulate your bowel movement.

Prunes are actually just plums that have been dried, similar to how grapes are dried and turned to raisins. However, just like the healthy raisins, even when the water from the plum has been removed, prunes remain very dense in nutrition and may even be a better option than eating the actual plum fruit. Prunes are so full of antioxidants, as well as fiber and sorbitol, a type of carbohydrate that prevents constipation. Likewise, prunes are filled with nutrients and properties such as iron, potassium, manganese, and boron, all needed to keep your bones strong and healthy. You don’t need any other motivation to add prunes to your next breakfast diet lineup.

Remember that bone health is important so you need lots of calcium to prevent osteoporosis and muscle loss. This is why plant-based proteins and calcium-rich foods are important for strong bones. But boron, manganese, potassium, and iron are just as important for healthy bones because these improve the mineral density in the bones. The more mineral density in the bones, the stronger the bones. Another benefit from adding prunes to the daily diet is that it increases the collagen stores in the body, and this helps keep joints strong and well lubricated.

Prunes even have vitamin C and this helps the body absorb iron much better from foods consumed. Its soluble fibers also reduce the body’s cholesterol so the heart remains healthy. Prunes are even a stronger alkalizer compared to meat and dairy. Prunes eaten during breakfast keeps the body satiated and full longer so you tend to avoid snacking in the morning. Its magnesium content keeps down blood sugar, again preventing snacking with sweets in the morning.


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